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Empowering Mission-Driven, Social-Impact Projects To Do Their Best Work

We are a nonprofit organization that takes on financial oversight and regulatory red tape so our projects can focus on their missions.

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Washington’s Nonprofit Impact

There are over 40,000 nonprofit organizations in Washington state, including public charities, private and public foundations, civic leagues, chambers of commerce, and veterans’ organizations.

All told, they employ over a quarter million people, almost 10% of the state’s workforce. Our nonprofits deliver vital community services, give voices to the people they serve, contribute to vibrant communities and advance solutions for the challenges we face.

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Why ESI?

40,000 Nonprofits in Washington State  

9.8% of Washington’s workforce is employed by Nonprofits 

55% of Nonprofits serve the general public 

80% of all Nonprofit revenue comes from government grants  

3 in 4 BIPOC led Nonprofits report challenges with government grants

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Operating Infrastructure for Nonprofits

Evergreen Social Impact provides required and necessary administrative resources to leaders in our sponsored projects, enabling them to better focus on fulfilling their missions, building organizational capacity, and improving our communities.

Our nonprofit fiscal sponsorship provides:

  • “Turnkey” 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Built-in infrastructure
  • Expertise in nonprofit operations
  • Expertise in government funding requirements (including reporting and document retention)
  • A leadership network: ESI brings project leaders together to share ideas and support one another

Through the fiscal sponsor model, services are scaled to program needs, reducing/sharing the full array of administrative costs that would otherwise be carried by one program. 

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“We're delighted by our fiscal sponsorship from ESI, which builds our capacity to do what we do best!”

Golf Pencil Group

“With the support of ESI, we are now going to be able to focus our efforts and energy on our community without worrying about how all of the other back-end work is going to get done. ESI’s support is a game changer for us.”

South King Emotional Wellness League (SKEWL)

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About Us

Evergreen Social Impact (ESI) is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, founded in 2021 to fiscally sponsor public/private partnerships and charitable projects in the Pacific Northwest.

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Latest News

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Rivkin Center/CARE Fund Award

ESI is proud to highlight the work being done by its sponsored project, CARE Fund. Earlier this year a partnership was announced between CARE Fund and Rivkin Center to invest $1 million in ovarian cancer research in Washington state. The deadline for grant submissions is December 1st. More information can be found here: Rivkin Center/CARE Fund Award.

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CRF Awarded Funding

ESI is pleased to announce that our newest project, the Center for Responsible Forestry, has been awarded a grant from The JPB Foundation in support of its work to preserve Washington State’s legacy forests.  For more information about the Center for Responsible Forestry and Washington’s legacy forests, please visit their website.

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ESI welcomes its most recent sponsored project, Center for Responsible Forestry

The Center for Responsible Forestry (CRF) works on behalf of all people to achieve the permanent protection of the last remaining mature forests on state lands in Western Washington.

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