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Fiscal Sponsorship with ESI


ESI provides fiscal sponsorship to social-impact charitable projects and nonprofits in Washington State.


We specialize in Model A (Comprehensive) sponsorships for unincorporated charitable projects. We also provide Model C (Pre-Approved Grant) sponsorships.


ESI has expertise in managing local/state/federal grants and contracts; we encourage projects with government funding to apply.


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Comprehensive (Model A) Fiscal Sponsorship

ESI’s primary focus is on Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship, also known as Model A Fiscal Sponsorship. In this model, the fiscally-sponsored project becomes a program of the fiscal sponsor and is a fully integrated part of the fiscal sponsor.  ESI maintains all legal and fiduciary responsibility for the sponsored project, including its employees and activities.

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​​Pre-Approved Grant (Model C) Fiscal Sponsorship

The Pre-Approved Grant (Model C) fiscal sponsorship is a financial partnership between the fiscal sponsor and the sponsored project.  The sponsored project is usually an independent legal entity with its own operating infrastructure.  The Pre-Approved Grant sponsorship is utilized when the sponsored project requires a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity to collect and manage grants and potentially other charitable donations.  Under a Model C sponsorship, a funder will award a grant to the fiscal sponsor, and in turn the fiscal sponsor will re-grant funds to the sponsored project.

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