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Model C

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Pre-Approved Grant (Model C) Fiscal Sponsorship

The Pre-Approved Grant (Model C) fiscal sponsorship is a financial partnership between the fiscal sponsor and the sponsored project. The sponsored project is usually an independent legal entity with its own operating infrastructure. The Pre-Approved Grant sponsorship is utilized when the sponsored project requires a 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity to collect and manage grants and potentially other charitable donations. Under a Model C sponsorship, a funder will award a grant to the fiscal sponsor, and in turn the fiscal sponsor will re-grant funds to the sponsored project.

ESI will consider applications for Pre-Approved Grant sponsorships on a case-by-case basis.

how to apply


In general, ESI provides the following to Model C sponsored projects:

  • Acting as the direct grantee on behalf of the project
  • Receiving grant funds from the funder, and distributing funds to the project
  • Ensuring timely submission of required reports to funder

Sponsorship Length

In general, Model C sponsorships terminated upon completion of the grant term.


For Model C projects, fees are assessed monthly as a percentage of the sponsored project’s grant revenue. The base fee is 7.5% of sponsored project grant income, and due to the complexity involved, an additional 5% fee is assessed on revenue from government grants and contracts. Additional fees may be assessed for services outside our normal scope.

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss sponsorship with you to better understand the possibility and potential of working together.

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